Date Of Birth:
2016. Januar 29.

Bitch (spayed)

We have been waiting for Zoe with huge love, big hopes and dreams, but sometimes, life has different plans. Since her puppyhood, we experienced unexplainable and unnormal behavioural signs (shy, fearful, stressful and anxious behaviour) which made early concerns. Her breeder encouraged us, that it is gonna be better and we should not worry about it. As goldens are known to be confident, kindly and friendly with everyone, we were getting more and more worried about Zoe’s undesirable and unexplainable bevaviour. We tried to ensure a healthy and balanced puppyhood both emotionally and physically. She was never affected by trauma, a toxin, brain tumor, or any infection. Yet, as time passed, Zoe’s behaviour was getting more and more worrying, she had growing fears and anxiety for people, kids, dark objects, escaping and stressful movements in the streets. We chose to have clinical examinations. Unfortunately, still so young (11-month-old), it has turned out that she is suffering from neurological disorders and epilepsy, which explained also her behavioural problems.

Although it is a lifelong and chronic condition for Zoe, with proper education, treatment, and a keen level of awareness, we can help to preserve her quality of life and minimize certain triggers along with our vet’s guidance and supervision. Our vet monitors the progress, we are regularly consulting. The clinical examinations confirmed that Zoe has not been affected by trauma, toxin, brain tumor, or infection, these would have been visible on her recordings. As most likely it is genetic in nature and therefore hereditary, the trait can be passed along to offspring, for Zoe it was recommended against breeding. Both as owner and breeder, we find it highly important to educate ourselves on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of epilepsy in dogs. We support Zoe with all the love, care and energy we can, we move every stone to see her happy and balanced as far as possible to her condition. Unfortunately, she is very sensitive for weather changes. Travels, new life situations or events, new places are also challanging her. We always must pay attention on these factors because protecting, helping and supporting her immune system is a big priority. Daily walks are always planned only to such places where Zoe feels herself in peace and comfy (forest/fields close to our home). However, all the care and love we give her is got back from Zoe 1000%. We are grateful to the God that she can be our little angel. She is a wonderful dog!

Over the years I’ve come to appreciate how animals enter our lives prepared to teach and far from being burdened by an inability to speak they have many different ways to communicate. It is up to us to listen more than hear, to look into more than past.” (Nick Trout – Love is The Best Medicine)

Zoe is ….